Join us to assess the practical uses of the Distributed Ledger. We’ll be addressing the problems facing mainstream adoption of the Distributed Ledger, identifying the key issues facing financial institutions moving towards this innovative technology, and will provide a forum to share ideas about collaboration, competition, culture and common standards that financial institutions need to truly explore the Blockchain.

We will explore the reality of adoption, with key session topics including;

  • What opportunities does Blockchain present, what are both the business and technology case for adoption.
  • What form of Distributed Ledger do we need, and practical issues such as security and scalability.
  • A regulation panel to discuss future regulation, how regulation changes will affect early adoption, and what are the compliance issues financial institutions must be aware of.
  • How are investors viewing the technology.
  • What are the most innovative start-ups doing, and where can this innovation take you.

For those new to the space, or who desire to brush up on their existing knowledge Dave Birch will be hosting an initial Blockchain 101 on Tuesday 26th.